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About Jenna Marie

"Jenna Marie" Bourgeois (fka John Bourgeois) is an openly transgender woman and CEO of Dynamics Intelligence Inc. a global technology startup which operates in the US and Canada. When Jenna Marie moved to Saint Charles County in 2001, she was immediately captivated by the warm welcome that she received and she has made her home Lebanon, MO in Missouri's 4th Congressional District.

Jenna Marie's former company, Connect Anyware, Inc. was certified as a diverse supplier for information technology by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Political Experience & Advocacy

In 1988, Jenna Marie was elected to her first leadership position as the Inter-Fraternity Council Representative for the Delta Chi Fraternity at Northern Illinois University.  In 1991-1992, Jenna Marie was an intern for the Village of Orland Park’s Community Development Department where she assisted the Village’s Transportation Planner and represented the Village at the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission (NIPC).

In 1996, Jenna Marie was elected to be treasurer of the Boom Bay Heights Improvement Association, a local non-profit organization in Wolf River, WI.  During this same year, Jenna Marie was appointed to the School Superintendent Search Committee for the Weyauwega-Fremont School District.

After arriving in St. Charles, Missouri in 2001, Jenna Marie became a member of the Francis Howell School District Technology Committee and an Advisory Council Member for the Delta Center of Independent Living.   

In 2003, Jenna Marie was appointed by Governor Bob Holden to the Statewide Independent Living Council as a commissioner for her advocacy for the disabled.  The commission administered government programs that helped people with disabilities to live independent lives in their homes instead of having to live in a group home.  During this experience, Jenna Marie learned about rare and very debilitating diseases such as connective tissue disorders.

Jenna Marie and her wife returned to the Town of Wolf River, Wisconsin where they built a custom home on the lake.  Having a background in urban planning, Jenna Marie was appointed to the Town of Wolf River’s Plan Commission in 2006 where she worked with the town to draft the town’s Smart Growth Plan.

In 2016, Jenna Marie became a victim of domestic violence and was the subject of constant cyberstalking by a hate group with members located across the country from Alaska to Florida.  Jenna Marie stayed in a Domestic Violence shelter where she used her cooking skills to cook meals for those who could not do it themselves.  Later that summer, she regularly visited a low-barrier women’s center where she went to listen to people’s stories.  Being a victim herself, she knows that victim’s need someone to talk to and Jenna Marie provided that listening ear.  In March 2017, knowing that meat is a luxury, Jenna Marie used her first paycheck from her new job to donate meat to the women’s center.

In April and May 2017, Jenna Marie sponsored a series of women’s business labs designed to empower women who were domestic violence victims to become business owners. 

Since her transition, Jenna Marie has become internationally known as an advocate for women and trans people.  Her “Top 20 Things You Always Wanted to Ask A Transgender Professional” is the most viewed blog article regarding transgender people in the workplace on LinkedIn and has helped many numerous transgender people have the courage to speak with their employers about transition.  In June 2017, Jenna Marie called out the most well-known corporations for having only 25% of women working in their companies and only 25% women on their boards.  “Do they not know where to find qualified women?” She asked.

When Trump and Rep. Vicky Hartzler made an agreement to ban transgender people from the military, Jenna Marie felt an ache in her stomach.  Like many transgender people, Jenna Marie was deeply disappointed that her government would create a second class of citizens.  Jenna Marie decided to take the fight directly to the people where they live in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District.


2017 - Women's Business Labs Facilitator in collaboration with the Victoria Faulkner Women's Centre

2016-17 Domestic Violence Victims Listener, Jenna Marie listened to victims' stories during her lunch hour so that they would have someone to talk to.

2006 - Town of Wolf River, WI Planning Commission.

2003 - Governor Bob Holden (MO) Appoints Jenna Marie to the Statewide Independent Living Council which helps Missourians with disabilities to live independent lives.  

2003 - Francis Howell School District Technology Committee.

2003 - Saint Charles County Jaycees, Member

2002 - Advisory Council Member of the Delta Center of Independent Living in Saint Charles County.  

While working at the Ameren UE nuclear power plant in Callaway, MO, Jenna used to frequently visit Columbia, MO.


Work Experience

Jenna Marie has spent the last 20 years working in the information technology field and is known as an expert on certain technologies.

2015-2016 Dynamics Intelligence Inc. (US & Canada)

2015 - Microsoft (Contract)

2002-2015 Connect Anyware, LLC (St. Charles, MO)

2001 - Accenture

1998 - 2000 Zurich North America Insurance


Jenna Marie was born in Oak Lawn, IL and attended twelve years of private catholic school.  In 1987, her alma mater, St. Rita High School, a college preparatory school, received the Distinguished High School Award from President Ronald Reagan.  At the age of 17, Jenna Marie moved to DeKalb, Illinois where she received an academic scholarship to attend Northern Illinois University where received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Geography.  Jenna Marie turned down Georgetown University, Eureka College, and Babson College.  Jenna Marie attained a second major in Accounting from Lewis University in Romeoville, IL and later attended Saint Louis University and Washington University - Saint Louis for post-graduate work. 

In 1998, Jenna Marie quit her job as an accountant and attended a Microsoft Technical Training Center where she learned computer networking and network administration.  Jenna Marie has achieved 31 technical certifications from Microsoft and is considered an expert in the information technology field.  Jenna Marie holds the MCAD, MCSD, MCSE, MCTS, and MCT certifications.  In 2001, Jenna Marie moved to St. Charles, MO and began teaching information technology for a training company in St. Louis.  In 2002, Jenna Marie was a member of the Technology Committee for Francis Howell School District, the same district where controversy arose when a transgender parent was being denied the ability to be a chaperone for a field trip.  Jenna Marie believes this was wrong and is glad that most of the world is moving forward on transgender issues.

In 2017, Jenna Marie began studying Neuroscience and Biochemistry online with the Khan Academy in the quest to solve auto-immune disease.  As a result of this research, Jenna Marie developed a new technology to assist veterans with PTSD called “Electronic Service Dog” which is being developed in collaboration with veteran’s organizations around the country as well as CoderVets in Clayton, MO.  Jenna Marie is passionate about life-long learning and believes in funding education for people of all ages.  Despite Jenna Marie having attended private school, she actively supports public education funding.

Personal Life 

Jenna Marie Bourgeois was born in Oak Lawn, Illinois and lived on the South Side of Chicago until she was 19 years of age.  In 1970, Jenna Marie’s grandfather, an operating engineer for the Chicago Public Schools and a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) purchased a summer home in northern Wisconsin, so that Jenna Marie and her sister could experience life in the country one the weekends and during the summer.  Jenna Marie still remembers her grandfather’s lectures about the importance of a solid education while driving to that summer home.  On Saturday morning, Jenna Marie and her sister would walk to the end of the road to the dairy farm with a glass bottle.  After the farmer’s wife filled the glass bottle with fresh milk, Jenna Marie and her sister would collect a dozen eggs from the hen house. 

“I still remember reaching to pull out the drawers on the side of the hen house.  When the eggs are laid, the shells are still a little bit soft.  We brought those eggs to my grandmother and she made the best breakfast with homemade bread,” recalled Jenna Marie.

Jenna Marie was raised Roman Catholic, a religion she still practices today.  Her parents stayed married together for 25 years.  They then remarried and are both still married to those spouses.  Both of her parents reside in Wisconsin. 

Jenna Marie was fortunate that her father had vacation time and used it to take the family on road trips across the country where they camped and saw the sites.  By the time she was 18, Jenna Marie had visited 46 states fueling her interest in Geography which she later majored in at NIU.

Jenna Marie and her wife married in 1992 and they stayed married until 2008 when they had their first child.  Jenna Marie believes that her wife’s post-partum depression and Jenna Marie being transgender may have led to the divorce.

In 2009, Jenna Marie entered a relationship with a young woman who had a 2 ½ year old child who was one-week pregnant as a result of a rape by a white supremacist gang member.  Jenna Marie became the father of that child and raised her for six years, two as a single parent and her daughter was named after her.  In 2011, the eldest daughter, age 4, still did not speak.  None of the medical professionals could help her, so Jenna Marie used her knowledge of neuroplasty and immersed her daughter into French books, videos, and conversation.  After three weeks, her daughter began speaking fluent French and was reading English in kindergarten.

In January 2014, Jenna Marie began her transition to become a woman after years of struggling with bigenderism.  Seven months after Jenna Marie announced her transition, Jenna Marie and her daughter watched the Caitlyn Jenner announcement on TV.  Her daughter hugged her after the show and said “Dad, I love you.”  The next day at the doctor’s office, her daughter saw Bruce Jenner’s photo on the cover of People Magazine.  No one knew why the little girl was telling everyone about Bruce Jenner.

In October 2015, Jenna Marie and her daughter were visiting Utah and stopped into a McDonald’s for a Happy Meal.  At one point her daughter ran up to Jenna Marie and called her “Dad”.  A Mormon family nearby called the police while Jenna Marie and her daughter were in the bathroom.  Jenna Marie was arrested and later sexually assaulted at the jail because they couldn’t figure out what gender she was.  Jenna Marie was not charged.  Five days later, the State of Utah filed a petition demanding to take away Jenna Marie’s custody rights because they felt that a transgender person could not be a good parent.  Jenna Marie and her daughter were both devastated.  The case is currently before the Utah Supreme Court.  Even though Jenna Marie’s appeal is pending, the State adopted her away to a new family last year without notifying her or the appeals court.  Jenna Marie first learned of this in March.

Since she has no children nor any interest in relationships, Jenna Marie spends her time helping people and being an advocate for the needy and oppressions through volunteering and organizing.


When Jenna Marie is not running for Congress or running a technology startup, she can be found on stage performing as the No. 1 blues trans musician in the world.  In May 2017, she was invited to be the first transgender judge for a music awards program.

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