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A New Deal For Rural America

Today, 30% of farms are owned by non-operators while the median Age for a farmer is 55 years old.  In the next five years, as much as 92 million acres will change hands.

Source:  USDA

Curb Foreign Ownership

Foreign investors have increased their holdings in American farmland.  With 92 million acres expected to changed hands in the next five (5) years, unless we do something now a lot of our farmland will be owned by foreign financial investors.  Jenna Marie believes we need to preserve the family farm by recruiting young people to replace retiring farmers.  Jenna Marie favors incentive programs designed to assist young Missourians with purchasing farmland through low-interest loans.  

Build Sustainable Agriculture

Thanks to advances in information technology, agricultural produces can obtain a higher price when following sustainable agriculture techniques.  These farms are generally less than 10 acres and focus on specialty crops and do not generally require huge capital investment into heavy machinery.  Jenna Marie believes that sustainable agriculture could be one possible solution to overcoming the war on poverty in rural Missouri.  Jenna Marie supports federal loans, grants, and other assistance to help people transform their lives by becoming sustainable farmers.  Jenna Marie believes that farmers who own their land are less likely to destroy the environment.

Bringing Farms Closer to Consumers

Jenna Marie is proposing the construction of a nationwide Interstate Commercial Hyperloop System.  The Hyperloop is cutting edge technology that will transform the way that commercial goods and passengers move from coast to coast.  Fresh produce can be delivered in hours instead of days bringing sustainable farms closer to their consumers.


Helping to Overcome the War on Poverty in Rural Missouri

25% percent of children in Cedar and Benton Counties live in poverty.  Republican policies favor large corporate agribusiness to the detriment of families.  What would the percentage of children living in poverty be if their parents could grow food for their family and also be able to make a living as well?  

Exemption From Food Labeling For Local Farms

For farmers selling produce within their local county or through community produce markets, they should not be subject to unnecessary labeling laws.  A simple reference to their farm should be all that is necessary since everyone knows the family that grew the crops.

Tax Incentives for Restaurants Using Local Produce From Sustainable Farms

Jenna Marie favors tax incentives for restaurants and grocery stores who use local produce because it reduces fossil fuel costs.


Farms As Startups

Young people often do not consider farming as a career alternative.  As the population ages, more and more young people will be required to sustain our agricultural industry.  Several communities around the world have been able to increase dollars per acre by introducing organic and variable crops.  Instead of being controlled by financial investor landlords, Jenna Marie's Farm Startup Program promises to help young people own their farms instead of renting.  Owning a farm is preferred because it is an opportunity for young people to accumulate wealth over time.  In sample surveys, 90% of people surveyed would move to Missouri if they could obtain one of these farms.  A majority of those surveyed are millenials.

Federally Backed Farm Startup Loans

Jenna Marie favors creating a federal program to fund Startup Farms allowing low and middle income people to get into farming.

Agricultural Reverse-Mortgage Program

Retiring Farmers don't always have children to pass their farmland to.  Due to accumulated capital appreciation, retiring farmers can face large estate taxes.  Through the agricultural reverse mortgage program, retiring farmers would be able to sell 10 acre farms to Startup Farmers, avoiding steep estate taxes.  As part of the program, Startup Farmers pay monthly payments to the retiring farmer in a federally insured loan program.

Paying For The Plan

The plan would be paid for by reducing subsidies currently paid to farmers to prevent them from growing crops.

Comprehensive Agribusiness Training

For the New Deal to be successful, we need to provide the necessary training to Startup Farm entrepreneurs in both business and agriculture.  Advisory panels will help guide the Startup Farmer through the journey.

Custom to Order Online Marketplaces

The biggest challenge for any farmer is the ability to reach a market willing to buy their product.  Jenna Marie is proposing the creation of online custom to order marketplaces where families can directly order their food.  Today, farmers are pressured to meet the aesthetic requirements of corporate grocery customers.  In sustainable agriculture, consumers aren't so concerned with how a vegetable looks.  They are concerned with how it tastes and how it was grown.  Each farmer will be able to designate a rating for their product allowing consumers to choose what level of quality they would like to purchase and at what price.  These marketplaces bring the consumer closer to their food source.

Incentives for Organic Produce

More and more consumers are interested in purchasing organic produce.  Jenna Marie supports incentives to encourage more farmers to grow organic crops.

Ensuring Competitive Markets

For Missouri farmers to be successful, they have to be competitive in the global marketplace.  Jenna Marie will work with her colleagues to open new markets for Missouri agricultural products.


Biofuel production is an important energy source as well as an important vertical market for biofuel producers.  Missouri has an abundance of raw materials to produce biofuels.

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