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Knowledge-Based Economy

Jenna Marie understands that Missourians compete in a global knowledge-based economy.  Jenna Marie is a life-long learner and believes that a strong educational system is necessary to keep Missouri's economy healthy and competitive.  

Training = Jobs

To continue expanding job opportunities for Missourians young and old , Jenna Marie supports:

  • Job Skills Training (Trades & Information Technology)
  • College Education (Federal Funding, Student Loans, and Financial Aid)
  • Deferred Student Loan Payments for Unemployed College Graduates
  • Employer Incentive Programs for Unemployed College Graduates
  • Employer Incentives to Send Employees to Job Skills Training

Investment Into Public Schools

Jenna Marie is passionate about providing our public schools with the resources they need and working to ensure a college degree is affordable for all Missourians.  


Being a known expert in the information technology field, Missouri challenges the education community to be innovative and provide students new ways to learn, offering a variety of learning paths and schedule flexibility.  Today, technology offers new adaptive learning models and new ways to approach educational content delivery.  Jenna Marie believes in leveraging all of these mechanisms to increase student outcomes. 

Research & Development Grants

Jenna Marie fully supports well-rounded education which includes investing in the Arts & Humanities as well as the hard sciences.

Women In STEM

Jenna Marie is a strong advocate of Women in STEM and has a STEM degree herself (BS Geography).  More women are needed in medical research and in computer sciences.  Women discovered radioactivity and have developed new drugs that leverage gene editing techniques using CRISPER/CAS9 proving that women can succeed in science.  However, the numbers of women going into STEM far fall short.  Women participating in STEM have the ability to define artificial intelligence which today is largely dominated by men.  Jenna Marie supports all programs for girls and women pursuing STEM degrees.

Protecting Students from Sexual Assault

Being transgender, Jenna Marie is very familiar with how dangerous this world can be.  A victim of attempted murder, domestic violence, and sexual assault herself, Jenna Marie supports efforts to reduce sexual assault on college campuses through education, prevention, and mandatory charges for those accused.  Too often campus police refuse to prosecute offenders leaving women to pick up the emotional pieces.

Jenna Marie regularly provides a listening ear to victims of violence and encourages women to reach out to her for a listening ear.

The Committee to Elect Jenna Marie Bourgeois

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