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Foreign Policy

Defending America

Jenna Marie supports a strong defense for the United States.  One of her favorite experiences was travelling along I 70 when the military aircraft flew overhead.  The entire expressway stops and everyone gets out of their cars to watch the aircraft.  The sound is amazing, the adrenalin runs right through your veins.  Her father and grandfather are veterans of the US Navy and her maternal grandfather and his brother were veterans of the US Army.  Due to medical reasons, Jenna Marie was rejected from every branch of the military, so she spent her energy serving her country as a civilian military information technology trainer.
Anti-Terrorism and Global Threats
Jenna Marie was trained in anti-terrorism strategies while working at the Ameren UE Nuclear Power Plant in Callaway, MO.  Terrorists abroad are a real threat and the United States has important obligation to fight this terrorism in other parts of the world, especially places where terrorist organizations have historically been provided with aid and comfort while planning attacks against our homeland.  She believes we cannot allow our necessary focus on these non-traditional threats to distract us from maintaining our nuclear deterrent and readiness in the face of more traditional foes. And she supports a tough military stance against nations that threaten the strategic interests of the United States such as North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia.

Cyber Warfare

The battlefield has changed over the years and cyber warfare can prove to be just as important as traditional engagement strategies.  Jenna Marie trained the US Cyber War Fare team to protect the United States in 2013 which included team members from the Asia-Pacific Theatre to the Kuwaiti Theatre.  Jenna Marie supports continuous cyber warfare training for our military.

Advanced Weaponry

History has proven that civilizations survive through the advancement of military technologies.  Jenna Marie supports funding of research and development (R&D) activities to keep the United States ahead of the rest of the world.
Support for Military Spouses and Children
Jenna Marie will always support programs that provide support for military families while serving.  It is important that spouses and children of our service members are taken care while being deployed.  We are all in this together.

North Korea Policy

Jenna Marie does not support the current regime in North Korea, nor does she support a nuclearized North Korea under the current regime.  Jenna Marie has confidence in our military leadership, but does not have confidence in the President's ability to make wise decisions.

China Policy

We must hold China accountable for under-cutting the prices of American goods and attempting to devalue our currency.  Jenna Marie supports a free and independent Taiwan.

Canada Policy

Jenna Marie supports strengthening relations between the US and Canada making it easier for American businesses to do business in Canada.  Jenna Marie believes that Canada can do more on human rights.

European Union Policy

Europe is one of our key economic and military allies.  Jenna Marie would support strengthening our relationship with Europe.

Mexico Policy

Jenna Marie believes that the United States should strengthen relations with Mexico, but only in a way that protects American workers and their families.  Jenna Marie believes strongly that more funds need to be provided to combat human trafficking activity.

Israel Policy

Israel has been a key ally in the Middle East and Jenna Marie supports strong relations between the two countries.

Russia Policy

Jenna Marie would vote to support the continuation of sanctions against Russia.

Venezuela Policy

Jenna Marie does not support the current regime in Venezuela.

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