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Growing Jobs

Grow Jobs and Opportunity

Jenna Marie believes our top priority should be growing more good-paying jobs full-time jobs for Missourians. Every Missourian deserves the opportunity to succeed, which is why Jenna Marie will be fighting for a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda in Washington, DC. 

As the owner of a global technology startup company, Jenna Marie understands that no government program can replace what a good job means for the future of a family. Republicans claim that the problem is with "big government".  Jenna Marie disagrees.  Hartzler's policies have disproportionately hurt the bottom four fifths (4/5ths) Missouri wage earners.  Jenna Marie favors raising taxes on the top one fifth of income earners in order to level the playing field.

Vicky Hartzler claims that "regulations" are the problem.  This is false.

Missourians require increased access to cash in order to start businesses.  Jenna Marie favors increasing programs that assist Missourians to start and grow their businesses.

Vicky Hartzler claims that "Big Oil" is the answer.  This is false.

The future is clean energy.  America has made great strides and within five years, most of us will own an electric vehicle that will probably drive itself.  To provide more energy, Jenna Marie supports subsidies for wind farms, solar farms, and other clean energy producing plants.

Jenna Marie supports simplifying tax reporting for small business owners and financial incentives for adopting financial software.

Why hasn't America's infrastructure been improved after all of these years of Vicky Hartzler in Congress?  Jenna Marie believes that Vicky Hartzler is not doing her job.

Enhancing Infrastructure.  Jenna Marie supports new regional and national infrastructure projects that increase the efficiency of transporting goods and materials between the east and west coasts.  Connecting the coasts with Hyperloop technology is just one idea.  In the next 10 to 15 years, Jenna Marie expects our country to have numerous autonomous commercial vehicle transportation modes including air, sea, and land.  These infrastructure projects also increase our military readiness and contribute towards our national defense.


Vicky Hartzler blamed "Obamacare", but failed to pass an improved plan.

Jenna Marie doesn't blame healthcare for our economic woes.  Certainly, the ACA has not prevented the richest one-fifth of the country from becoming more wealthy.  Access to capital and technology innovation help America compete in the global marketplace.  Jenna Marie believes that there are better ways to protect consumers from increasing insurance rates by having the government control those increases like they do with public utilities.  

Teaching How to Win in America's Public Schools.  Jenna Marie is amazed that we don't teach our kids how to succeed in a global economy and how to succeed in capitalism.  Instead, we seem to avoid this topic.  We need to change this.  We need to teach everyone how to be fiscally responsible and how to form and run a business.

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