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Rep. Vicky Hartzler voted for all of Trump's healthcare proposal because she is just like him.

Cassidy-Graham Is A Redistribution of Wealth and Excessive Government Control

The Cassidy-Graham bill is designed to redistribute funds from blue states to red states.  Vicky Hartzler, Jenna Marie's opponent, supports this bill, but Jenna Marie would vote against it because:

1)  Loss of Coverage for the Working Poor - The bill will cause the working poor to lose coverage

2)  Lack of Cost Controls for Premiums - Healthcare premium controls enacted under ACA are removed, meaning that taxpayers will pay more for their healthcare.

3)  Government interference with Healthcare - Under this bill, the government is controlling your healthcare.  The government needs to stay out of the business of telling Americans what their healthcare choices should be.

Jenna Marie's Integrated Healthcare Plan is a better plan.

Every American Has A Right To Healthcare

The United States is the richest country in the world, meaning that we can afford to provide healthcare for all of our citizens.  No American should be excluded from coverage based upon pre-existing conditions.

Single Payer Healthcare Solution

Having lived in Canada for a year and holding a Canadian health care card during that time, Jenna Marie supports a single-payer healthcare solution.  Individuals, working families, farmers, and small businesses have the most to gain from this program.

  • Access healthcare regardless of income
  • No longer fear losing health insurance with a job change.
  • Control the costs of healthcare premiums
  • A system that works for working families and children
  • Missourians would save an average of $5000 per year
  • Streamlining of the health care system.

The Trend Towards Personalized Medical Care

Big Data technology has had an impact on every industry and healthcare is no exception.  As the healthcare industry captures more clinical data, the industry is trending towards personalized medicine.  Twelve(12) of the nation's research universities began integrating patient's electronic medical records (EMR) with their DNA samples allowing researchers to discover new treatments.  Discoveries would be made more possible by the creation of a national effort to collect DNA samples as part of the normal course of a patient's treatment.

Patient DNA samples tell physicians a lot about a patient's risk for genetic related diseases allowing doctors to proactively monitor a patient's health.  Jenna Marie wrote the information system that runs the Molecular Biology Lab for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, the world's premier medical clinic.  Every time a patient submits a DNA sample, the system matches the patient's DNA sample to a set of known reference samples and provides an auto-diagnosis which reduces the workload for genetic research physicians.  Did you know that it can take 20 to 30 years to train a genetics research physician?

Patient Privacy

Americans are continually concerned about how their federal government uses their data and rightly so.  Jenna Marie will always fight to protect patient's healthcare record privacy.

Women Develop Gene Editing Techniques To Cure Cancer

Women continue to lead and make contributions to healthcare.  When two women scientists developed CRISPER/CAS9 technology, the technology decreased the amount of time that it takes a research physician to develop new treatments.  Earlier this year, the FDA approved the first gene editing drug to enter the marketplace to treat cancer.  In the past, physicians had to blast patients with chemotherapy killing the cancer cells as well as the healthy cells.  Gene editing drugs simply kill the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells alone.  Jenna Marie supports an increase in grants to fund health research including genetic and epigenetic research.

Reducing Healthcare Costs

When Jenna Marie first joined Zurich Insurance in 1998, she worked in the regulatory services department which was responsible for insurance filings in all 50 states.  During the late 90s, republicans across all fifty states passed legislation allowing for credit-based insurance scoring, meaning that big corporations could start gouging Low to Middle income families.  Prior to this change, the government mandated that insurance companies file requests to increase policy premiums. Missourians don't want insurance companies to be able to raise healthcare premiums whenever they feel like it.  Rather, the government has an important role in rate regulation just like it does in the case of public utilities.

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