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Without a border we have no country.  Some argue that we are ready for a new global form of government.  Having lived a significant period outside of the United States, Jenna Marie has seen the positives and negatives of living in America.  Jenna Marie is against a global form of government and supports the sovereignty of the United States.

Too Much Foreign Influence Over American Affairs

Jenna Marie is concerned about continual foreign influence over the domestic issues affecting the United States.  For months, the Trump administration has been embroiled in controversy regarding Russian influence during the 2016 Presidential Election.  In rural America, foreign investors are buying up all of the farmland.  When foreigners own the land they are less likely to be environmentally conscious.  In the corporate world, foreign countries have been raping our manufacturing jobs for years.  Naive Americans presume that people outside of the United States will treat them fairly without discrimination and this is incorrect.  Quite simply, foreigners want our money and our military.

Homeland Security

In 2002, just a few months after 9/11, Jenna Marie began working at the nuclear power plant in Callaway, MO where she attended anti-terrorism training and obtained C1 security clearance.  Jenna Marie believes that control over immigration is a necessary and essential requirement to keeping our country secure.  

Tighter Border Enforcement

Americans are all too familiar with the negative effects of illegal immigration, competition for jobs and wages, higher costs for social programs, increased crime, and increased drug cartel influence.  Americans are tired of elected officials not representing them on this issue.  Politicians from both parties have tried to convince the American public that these immigrants will only work manual labor jobs within the agricultural fields, jobs that Americans don't want they claim.  This is simply not true.  These immigrants enroll in our schools, attend our colleges, and take opportunities away from American citizens.  Jenna Marie supports strict border enforcement, an increase in funds for border patrol agents, and strict enforcement of immigration laws.

Immigration Tax

The Trump administration introduced a plan to change immigration laws to include skills based entry requirements.  While this will increase the quality of immigrants entering the United States, it could also place American citizens at a disadvantage.  To protect Americans from this issue, Jenna Marie is proposing a one-time Immigration Tax to be taxed against the assets of the immigrant to help even the playing field between the incoming immigrant and American citizens.

H1B Visa Program

Having worked in the IT sector for over 20 years, Jenna Marie witnessed first-hand the abuses of the H1B visa program.  Jenna Marie believes that American businesses should be investing in American workers before recruiting from abroad and that the H1B Visa should only be used for specialized skills.  Jenna Marie favors the use of Labor Market Impact Assessments as a tool in determining when an H1B Visa can be implemented.  Jenna Marie favors Startup Visas for foreign entrepreneurs that meet net worth requirements over the H1B program.

Student Visa Program

The student visa program has been repeatedly abused by "coyotes" who recruit in regions like South America often misrepresenting the opportunities for the unsuspecting immigrant.  In other cases, students overstay their visa in the hopes of staying in the United States illegally.  Jenna Marie believes that Universities should be held accountable for students they recruit into the country and overstay their visa.  Jenna Marie supports legislation to reform this program, provide stricter oversight, and to provide stricter enforcement.

U Visa Program

The U Visa Program has been abused by foreigners in this country who will do anything and everything to stay in the United States including filing a false accusation against an American citizen.  If you are not familiar with the program, the program offers U Visas to foreigners who are the victim of violence while in the United States.  The definition of the program is too broad and allows anyone willing to make a claim against an American citizen to obtain a U Visa and stay in the country.  Jenna Marie believes this program needs to be reformed to remove the abuses and restore the program to its original intent.

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