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Hyperloop is one of the most exciting technologies that will change the way that we ship commercial goods and move people across the country.  As you can see in the picture, it is basically a tube that works just like the one you use in the bank drive thru, only much bigger.  Jenna Marie would vote for any bill that proposes to fund the construction of a hyperloop in Missouri.

Community Wireless Infrastructure

Jenna Marie believes that we need to continue to improve wireless and cellular infrastructure to support emerging technologies.  As autonomous vehicles and commercial shipping drones use becomes more common, this demand will stretch the existing wireless and cellular infrastructure.  Jenna Marie believes that it is critical that rural Missouri upgrade this infrastructure or risk being left behind the rest of the country.

Roads & Bridges

America's roads and bridges continually need to be maintained.  Jenna Marie believes that it is embarrassing that the America being the world's richest country has dilapidated roads and bridges.  

Community Garden Plots Matching Grant Program

People who live in apartments and seniors who may no longer own a home like to grow produce in their own garden.  Jenna Marie favors the federal government providing assistance to communities wishing to build community garden plots through matching grants.



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