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Police Training

In September 2017, Jenna Marie became the first Commanding Officer of the Cajun Navy, responsible for Hurricane Harvey Rescue & Recovery operations for SE Texas.  Her team included members from Sheriff's and Police Departments all across the country.  She understands how important it is to protect her team while also understanding the perspectives of her team who faced frequent danger having to conduct rescue operations in "hot zones".  On the last day, Jenna Marie took a bullet to the middle of her windshield just above the center of the steering wheel.  Jenna Marie was unphased and is fearless.

Increased Anti-bias Training

Jenna Marie met with members of the Columbia Police Department to discuss in detail the department's approach to anti-bias training.  Jenna Marie was pleased to learn that the department has a good handle on these issues and provides comprehensive anti-bias training.  Jenna Marie supports a federal mandate for all police officers to attend this training.

Increased Budget for Police Firearms Practice

Police departments today are underpaid, understaffed, undertrained, and undergunned.  While much of the focus in national media has focused on the mistakes that a handful of officers have made, it is important to realize that limited budgets have limited the amount of firearms practice for police officers.  During interviews with police officers, they explain that the criminals on the street have a more money and more time to practice with their firearms which places our police officers in danger.  Jenna Marie supports budgetary proposals to provide more funding for firearms practice for police.

Increased Budgets for Police Academies

Police departments today are understaffed.  The City of Columbia has 17 current openings for police officers.  When officers are forced to work more hours they become fatigued and are more susceptible to the risk of making mistakes which can be deadly for themselves or their suspects.  Jenna Marie supports legislation that would put more officers in the streets.

Solving the Lack of Trust by the Public

The public can become frustrated with police departments for several reasons.  Police departments deploying a "customer service" approach such as the City of Columbia should restore the public's trust in their local police.  Groups like Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter , and Police Lives Matter have made their point.  It is time for us to come together as a nation to help fight crime  Jenna Marie supports mandatory customer service training for all police departments and she also supports Civilian Review Boards to give communities an opportunity to oversee their local police force.


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