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Racial Equality

Jenna Marie will fight for equal rights for all people regardless of their race.  Jenna Marie will never introduce legislation that unfairly discriminates against one race over another.

Rejection of the Extreme Right

Trump's presidency has been an embarrassment to the Republican Party, igniting a racial war across the United States.  Jenna Marie rejects the extreme right viewpoint that advocates white supremacy.

Rejection of the Extreme Left

Jenna Marie also rejects the extremist views of ANTIFA, BLM, and the anarchists.  Jenna Marie strongly believes in the principles of the United States and American values.  She believes that the activities of the Extreme Leftist groups are the actions of domestic terrorists.

Public Employees Should Reflect the Local Population

Jenna Marie believes strongly that local, state, and federal employees should reflect the local population.  We should not have all white police forces for black communities.  We should not have all black police forces for all white communities.  Rather, the government employees should be diverse and reflective of the local population.

Equal Opportunity in Employment

Jenna Marie believes strongly that every person regardless of race should be entitled to equal opportunity in employment.  She rejects Republicans from the extreme right who favor one race over another.

The Committee to Elect Jenna Marie Bourgeois

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