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Seniors & Disabled Americans

Independent Living

In 2003, Jenna Marie was appointed by Governor Bob Holden to the Statewide Independent Living Council which oversees the distribution of funds to support independent living centers across Missouri.  The goal of independent living is to help people with disabilities live productive lives on their own.  Jenna Marie supports the independent living approach.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Jenna Marie's mother has been disabled her entire life, so she knows the challenges that disabled people face.  Too often decision makers stop short of providing full access to facilities.  While they may argue that the design meets the technical requirements of the ADA, it doesn't mean that the design is practical for a disabled person to use.  Jenna Marie supports modifying the ADA to include more rights for the disabled to be able to have more input on designs that directly affect them.

Seniors As Leaders

Jenna Marie believes that seniors play a pivotal role in the development of American society and can be inspirational leaders for young people.  Native American children have a very strong respect for elders in the community.  Jenna Marie, Native American herself, believes that the broader American society can benefit from promoting seniors as people that should be treated with respect and honor.

When Jenna Marie was a child, it was well known that when a senior citizen gets onto the bus, that younger people should give up their seats.  Likewise, young people should be helping seniors by opening the doors for them.  Today's young people seem to largely have lost this respect for seniors.  Jenna Marie's Seniors As Leaders program is designed to increase interaction between seniors and public schools through activities and programs that can assist both seniors and children.  Children will learn from senior's experience while being a role model for children will enhance the lives of seniors.  This program would be completely optional for seniors to participate in, but Jenna Marie believes it would be a great contribution for society.  Maybe even some friendships and foster grand-parenting will emerge.  

Social Security

The Social Security Trust Fund will run out of funds in 2028.  The fund is still growing, but are expected to completely deplete by 2034, this is nearly the same year that Generation X Americans will begin retiring.  Jenna Marie is against privatization of social security.  Jenna Marie believes in the program and supports the social security program and will always vote to protect the social security trust fund.


Today, 72.5 million seniors, disabled Americans, and children rely on the Medicaid program.  Jenna Marie will vote to protect our Medicaid program.

Expanding Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Jenna Marie is partially disabled due to a chronic lung disease and her mother is disabled.  Jenna Marie learned from her mother that disabled people can live happy and productive lives despite their circumstances  As a former Commissioner on the Missouri Statewide Independent Living Council and Advisory Council Member for the Delta Center of Independent Living, Jenna Marie is very familiar with the needs of disabled students and the families that support them.
Jenna Marie does not agree with President Trumps' negative view of the disabled.  In fact, she found it quite horrifying.  When the federal government mandated that every school provide special education for students with disabilities through the Individual with Disabilities Education Act 30 years ago, the mandate included a federal commitment to schools to fund 40 percent of these programs. Although approximately 12 percent of public school students receive special education resources, the federal government has never kept its cost share commitment.  Jenna Marie believe that the federal government should do more to provide more funding for disabled students.


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