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Jenna Marie is Opposed to the GOP's Shell Game (HR25)

The so-called FairTax is another attempt by Rep. Hartzler to give a tax break to the wealthy while 25 to 40% of children in our district continue to live in poverty.  Working families would pay significantly higher taxes under the plan.  Jenna Marie is opposed to the FairTax.

Don't Give Your Money to the Feds Where You Have No Control

in 2001, Jenna Marie could measure her federal tax bill in FTE's.  Like most Americans, she hated giving money to the feds where it could be wasted.  In order to reduce her federal tax burden, she decided to open up a company.  Instead of sending the money to the Feds, she paid the same amount to employees that she hired to build her company.  This allowed Jenna Marie to have greater local control over where her tax money was spent.  Giving people jobs that could teach them a skill or provide experience had a greater impact on her local community.  Jenna Marie compares this to getting Double Rewards points on your loyalty card

Saving Businesses Money

Besides labor costs, healthcare premiums are the largest cost per employee.  Employer driven healthcare gives an unfair advantage to large corporations when used as a recruitment tool because many small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to provide this coverage.  Jenna Marie's Single Payer Healthcare plan provides coverage for all Americans and reduces costs of $5000 per employee per year.

For example, a company like Microsoft might save as much as $635 million per year and Amazon might save as much as $1.75 billion per year in healthcare premiums.

Progressive Tax Policies

Nearly every American has played Monopoly as a child, a game that represents pure market capitalism.  We all know that eventually there will only be one winner.  In America, that when that winner dies, they pass their wealth onto the next generation leaving little chance for the other players to catch up.  This is why in America, we have a progressive tax system designed to even the playing field.

Jenna Marie does not support flat taxes.

Income Taxes

Jenna Marie believes that a progressive tax plan is beneficial for all Americans providing greater equality.  Jenna Marie is proposing increasing taxes on the wealthy (over $200K) and would increase the highest tax bracket to 60%.  

Estate Taxes (Death Tax)

The reason that we have estate taxes is to prevent one generation from passing on their excessive wealth to the next generation, thereby increasing the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.  Today, people who have a net worth less than $5.4 million do not pay any estate taxes.  Jenna Marie believes that this exemption is simply too high and would vote to lower this exemption amount and increase the tax rate for Americans with wealth in excess of $5.4 million.

Medical Savings Accounts Replaced with Venture Capital Accounts

After the Jenna Marie's Single Payer Healthcare becomes law, taxpayers will no longer need their Medical Savings Accounts.  

Venture Capital Savings Accounts

Jenna Marie will introduce a new kind of tax-deferred savings plan that is designed for saving up for venture capital, so that taxpayers can buy a business.  

Home Purchase Savings Account

Jenna Marie will introduce a new kind of tax-deferred savings plan that is designed for saving up to own a home.  

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