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The Environment

Photo Credit:  Jenna Marie took this photo while living in the arctic.

Climate Change

Climate change is real and Jenna Marie has experienced it first hand while living in the arctic where they are experiencing unusually warm weather and the continual degradation of the polar ice cap.  Jenna Marie first started studying the environment while majoring in Geography back in 1987.  Environmentalists claimed at that time that humans were doomed if the global temperature increased 1 degree.  Thanks to policy changes in the United States, the air is much cleaner than it was in the 1970s.

Pictured:  Portland Airport electric vehicle charging stations


Green Energy

Jenna Marie supports green energy projects such as hydroelectric plants, wind farms, biomass energy plants, biofuels, and natural gas energy plants.  Jenna Marie does not support bailing out a failing coal industry.  Jenna Marie also supports incentives for commercial property owners to install electric charging stations in their parking lots.  This will create thousands of good jobs for electricians and construction workers.

Photo Credit:  Tesla Motors Corp.

Electric Vehicles

What was once considered only a future possibility has become mainstream reality.  Jenna Marie favors the continual replacement of fossil fueled vehicles with electric and hybridsour expanded issue text goes here. This text will appear on its own page, linked from your list of issues.

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