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Transgender Rights

We were born this way.

Being Transgender:

  • Is a biological fact
  • Is not a "lifestyle"
  • Is not a "belief"
  • Is not a "religion"
  • Is not an "agenda"
  • Is not a "threat"
  • Is not a "mental illness"

We Are Human Just Like Every Other American

Civil Rights Bill Protecting Gender and Gender Identity

Gender and Gender Identity are not protected uniformly around the United States.  Transgender and non-binary people often face discrimination in employment, housing, medical care, military service, child custody, and access to public services.  Five years ago, many Americans would claim that they didn't know a single transgender person.  Thanks to progress we have made, that has drastically changed.  While we have made a lot of progress, transgender Americans are still not treated equally with non-transgender Americans.  Transgender Americans are more likely to encounter violence than the non-transgender population.  The transgender community is the only remaining minority group that is openly discriminated against by employers, landlords, co-workers, and politicians.  Rep. Vicky Hartzler may be the most blatant discriminatory person in the Congress making it very important that we defeat her in 2018.

Non-binary Designation On Identity Documents

We know that being transgender or being non-binary can be difficult for binary and non-transgender people to understand our circumstances.  It is no different from a woman trying to understand what it is like to be a man or a man trying to understand what it is like to be a woman.  In our case, we actually know that answer because we have lived as both.  There are many medical conditions that cause a person to feel that they do not participate as part of the binary norm.  In one study by VS Ramachandran, lead neuroscientist at the Center for Brain and Cognition in San Diego coined the term "bigenderism" after discovering that some transgender people will cycle between masculine and feminine.

Mandatory Self-Declaration of Gender Identity When Changing Identity Documents

Mandatory Coverage Of Transgender Medical Care By Insurance Providers, Medicaid, and Medicare

As Americans, we should recognize that transgender Americans are entitled to the same protections as everyone else and that includes medical care.  Women have different medical needs than men.  And transgender Americans have different medical needs from both men and women.  It is simply the reality of being transgender.  Medical insurance provides should not be able to discriminate against transgender Americans when covering healthcare.  Period.  Full Stop.

Open Service In the Military

The Trump Administration in collusion with incumbent Rep. Vicky Hartzler banned open military service for transgender Americans serving in our military.  Excluding transgender Americans from military is wrong!  Americans from all over the country from both sides of the aisle came out in support of transgender Americans recognizing their contribution to our nation's defense.  It is time for Missourians to issue incumbent Rep. Vicky Hartzler a Dishonorable Discharge (DD) from her service in Congress.  Jenna Marie wants to be the one to issue her that DD, but she needs your help.  Defeating an incumbent is a very difficult task and Jenna Marie will need all hands on deck to unseat Rep. Hartzler.

Increase Funding For:

  • Transgender Medical Training for General Practitioners
  • Research & Development for Trans-related Medical Issues
  • Research & Development for Organ Tissue Regeneration from the Transgender American's Own Stem Cells

Transgender Children

Transgender American children have been in the spotlight quite a lot recently.  It is a very difficult decision for an adult much less a child to decide whether to transition.  No person, even the parent should be able to dictate to any child what their gender is or what their gender should be.  Physicians encourage transgender children to transition before puberty because the transition will yield better clinical results with respect to body transformation.

The Opportunity to Have Biological Children And Raise A Family

Jenna Marie lived for 40 years of her life without transitioning allowing her to live and experience a family life while battling the symptoms that are associated with gender dysphoria.  Transgender children are not old enough to know that they may never be attractive to another person after they transition.  Younger people are more accepting, but that acceptance is very sparse.  Many transgender people who have transitioned live a solitary life with few human relationships which are important to the health of every human being.  The reasons that non-transgender people avoid transgender people are varied and Jenna Marie believes that healthy relationships will be made more possible through continued advocacy on behalf of the transgender community.

Peer Pressure to Conform to A Binary Norm

Western colonial society has placed a lot of emphasis on conforming to the binary norm.  In reality, we know that gender composes a spectrum from male to female and everything in between.  Jenna Marie hopes that one day, all Americans can accept each other for their differences.  Some transgender Americans go to great lengths to have surgeries because they believe that it is not OK to love themselves as they are.  If Americans treated one another as humans, there would be less pressure for transgender people to want or require these surgeries.  Transgender Americans are more likely to suffer anxiety and depression because of this peer pressure.  Contrast this approach to the approach taken by Native Americans who openly accepted "two-spirit" people.

Every American Has The Liberty To Define Their Personal Identity

In 2015 in Hodges v. Obergefell also known as the "gay marriage" case, the US Supreme Court declared that every American has a liberty interest to define their personal identity.  A "liberty" is stronger than a "right" and falls in line with Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Every American has the liberty to define whether their gender conforms or does not conform to a binary norm.  This liberty should not be interfered with by any federal, state, or local government.



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