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Jenna Marie Becomes First Transgender Commanding Officer of the Cajun Navy

When Hurricane Harvey struck South East Texas, Jenna Marie ran into danger instead of running away.  She quickly became the Cajun Navy's first transgender Commanding Officer of the Cajun Navy, commanding a team of special forces, police, fire, EMS, and veterans in rescue and recovery efforts for South East Texas.  During that trip, someone fired a bullet at Jenna Marie's windshield while she was driving.  The police stated that the angle of the windshield on her mini-van saved her life.  Jenna Marie came away from this incident unphased and even tougher and stronger.


Jenna Marie's Family Military History

Jenna Marie's father is a US Navy Veteran who served on the USS Wasp during Vietnam and her paternal grandfather served in the US Navy during World War II in the Pacific Theatre.  Jenna Marie's maternal grandfather and his brother both served in the US Army during World War II.  Her cousin is currently serving in the US Army.

Jenna Marie's Civilian Support of the Military

Jenna Marie was the first generation in her family to not be in the military.  Every branch denied her service due to medical reasons.  Instead, Jenna Marie served the military in a civilian capacity by teaching the US Army Cyber Warfare team, writing software to connect the US Army Recruiting website to the medical exams system, and training members of the US Air Force and Minnesota National Guard.

"Many of my friends served in the military dating back to the war with Panama.  I have seen the emotional toll that armed conflict takes on our veterans.  A good friend of mine suffers from PTSD related to his service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We need to help these veterans get access to the healthcare they require," stated Jenna Marie.

Jenna Marie's Support of Veterans

"Until I began speaking to veterans who had PTSD, I didn't realize the magnitude of the of the effects of PTSD.  My perspective has completely changed.  We are clearly not doing enough.  Rather than wait to get into office and pass legislation, I began working with veterans immediately to see how I could help.  Every time I see a homeless person on the street with a military duffle bag, I am wondering if they have PTSD.  They really are the walking wounded and I will do anything that I can to help," said Jenna Marie.

The Committee to Elect Jenna Marie Bourgeois

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