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Women's Advocacy

Business Entrepreneurship Training for Women

As a business owner, I have enjoyed flexible hours that a typical 9 to 5 job would never accommodate.  I support training programs and women-only business accelerator programs to provide women with the skills they need to be successful in starting and owning a business enterprise.  

Job Skills Training Programs for Women

For women that are interested in working a regular job, Jenna Marie supports training programs to provide women with the skills that they need.  This is particularly important when returning to the workforce after a pregnancy.

Victim Advocacy

Over the last year, Jenna Marie has volunteered for a domestic violence shelter to help victims.  Each day, she visited the shelter to provide a listening ear to victims.  As a victim of violence herself, Jenna Marie knows that the healing doesn't stop after the attack.  Such violence can cause post-traumatic stress and anxiety.  After Jenna Marie was attacked, there were times when she simply couldn't be alone.  Providing a listening ear helped victims relieve their anxiety, regain courage, and begin the healing process.  Jenna Marie supports the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) as it has proven to reduce violent crime against women.  Jenna Marie also supports mandatory prosecution of violence crimes.  Some prosecutors want to remove the decision making process from the jury and decide the case themselves.  Jenna places her trust with the victims.  Jenna Marie believes that every victim has a right to have their case prosecuted.

Jenna Marie also supports federal funding for:

  • New research and development for new technologies that can make women more safe
  • Programs that provide comprehensive advocacy
  • Day center programs where women can collaborate in a safe place.

Sexual Violence

As a victim of domestic violence, Jenna Marie knows the physical and emotional pain.  Even worse, is when the police dismiss the event and fail to prosecute.
Jenna Marie spent significant time volunteering for a domestic violence shelter where she listened and coached to victims.  When a new victim would enter the center and collapse on the floor having reached her emotional breaking point, Jenna Marie empathized and helped the victim any way that she could.

Jenna Marie would like to see mandatory filing of charges once a victim files the complaint.  Let the courts sort out who is innocent and who is guilty.  Police and male prosecutors should not be determine which men go to jail and which ones avoid it.
Jenna Marie also favors increasing funding for programs to help victims with emergency housing, transitional housing, food, and clothing.  Furthermore, Jenna Marie would like to see a new law that provides a temporary leave from their jobs to help victims cope with the chaos that occurs after she is forced to leave her home.

The Committee to Elect Jenna Marie Bourgeois

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