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Jenna Marie Introduces Integrated Healthcare System

Jenna Marie introduced her Integrated Healthcare System today which would replace Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, and the ACA moving America towards predictive medicine with universal coverage, federally centralized administration for Enhanced Electronic Medical Records, Biomarker data, Medical App Marketplace (MAM), and portals through an open electronic interface.

Today, America's healthcare system is terribly inefficient leading to higher costs of care and leading to many Americans without coverage.  This federally centralized administrative program reduces costs, increases efficiency, provides universal coverage while protecting patient's rights and provides patients, research physicians, providers, medical device manufacturers, and drug manufacturers with better more comprehensive data.  As we move from a "reactive" to a "proactive" healthcare model by leveraging the latest in technology to assist with predictive medicine, we expect to see an improvement in the quality of patient outcomes as well as decrease the time required to develop and test new treatments.  High level details of the plan are included below in these slides:

Jenna Marie Bourgeois was a consultant for medical and dental practices before pursuing a career in Information Technology 20 years ago.  During that time, she wrote the software for the Mayo Clinic's Molecular Biology Lab, and worked with several healthcare corporate clients.  This past summer, she attended the Khan Academy for Medicine in order to study Neuroscience and epigenetics increasing her understanding in the cost drivers in medical research & development as well as her understanding of an integrated delivery model leading towards predictive medicine.

Jenna Marie Bourgeois is running as a Republican Candidate for US Congress in Missouri's 4th Congressional District and can be reached at

The Committee to Elect Jenna Marie Bourgeois

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