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Jenna Marie Becomes America's First Transgender Republican Candidate for US Congress

Originally running as a Democrat, Jenna Marie Bourgeois, has decided to join the Republican party after it became very apparent that her political views didn't align with the Democratic Party base.

"Being a CEO of a global tech company, my professional career more closely aligns with the Republican Party.  While I am still left of center on civil rights and healthcare, I am on the conservative right on other issues such as immigration, homeland security, foreign policy, the 2nd Amendment, and national defense.  I do not believe that government has the authority under the constitution to interfere with an individual's healthcare whether that be choice, transition, or end of life.  I believe this libertarian viewpoint to be even more important as we move towards predictive and proactive healthcare during the coming years," said Jenna Marie Bourgeois, Republican Candidate for US Congress in Missouri's 4th District.

Jenna Marie becomes the first transgender candidate to run for the US Congress as a Republican.  The Republican primary has two other candidates, incumbent Rep. Vicky Hartzler and John Webb.

"I do not support the President.  I believe his presidency has been a complete disaster and he went back on his promise to defend and protect transgender people.  I would describe myself as a New Republican as I am very pro-business and am liberal on some social issues.  I believe my views are more in line with corporate America today than the right of center approach of the current Congress.  People see right through the corruption and are tired of seeing their elected officials be a rubber stamp.  I am very intelligent and review each issue on its merits before deciding on my stance," continued Jenna Marie.

Jenna Marie reiterated that she believes her campaign is very important to young trans people because they need to see a trans person being a role model in the community.  In the six weeks that she has been running her campaign she has already seen a difference.

"Transgender people in our community are coming out of the closet and making their voice heard.  Since being transgender is biologically based, it is not always the case that our political views will align with the other party.  I found that my faith as a Roman Catholic placed me at odds with many Democrats who prefer atheism," continued Jenna Marie.

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