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Jenna Marie's Plea for Peace

To say that we have made no progress is to deny our truth.
To say that we turn away from peace is to deny our truth
To say that our silence condones
is to deny our truth
Somewhere in Missouri, a child overhears their parent
Talking about how we must take up arms
Silently, the child observes, memorizes, and later mimics the parent's behavior
There is a call from school
A teacher explaining why
A child denying and oppressing another
Where did you learn this the parent says?
The child remains silent
Did I not raise you right?
The child remains silent
Apologizing, the parent assures the teacher that the child will be punished when they get home
By remaining silent is the child condoning the behavior of the parent?
When we choose to advocate for violence
When we choose to ignore the oppressed in favor of our own ego
We deny our truth
We have fought too many wars to lose our sight
We have fought too many wars to not hear the silence
We have fought too many wars
to savor the taste of the fog
Don't be afraid to fight for your rights
Only the bravest of men and the bravest of women
Can leverage the power of peace, love, and compassion

-- Jenna Marie Bourgeois Congressional Candidate, Missouri 4th District

Co-written by Dr. Martin Luther King's spirit

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