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Press Release Ally Steinfeld Hate Crime

September 28, 2017

When we heard that this case would not be declared a hate crime, we were outraged because the circumstances of this crime suggests that it is one of the most hateful on record.

Hate crime designations are as important symbolically to the vulnerable communities to which they serve to protect as much as any additional penalty provided under Missouri's hate crime statutes.

As Missourians, we must be very clear to young transgender people, their friends, their family, and the public at large that the acts alleged in this case are very hateful. We want to reiterate our support for these young people and let them know that we will protect you from hate.

The suspects are being charged with crimes that are punishable by death. As such, any additional penalty assigned by a hate crime designation would be legally moot.

On behalf of Ally Steinfeld and the entire transgender community, we are satisfied that Parke Stevens, Texas County Prosecutor, has applied the proper professional scrutiny when determining whether hate crime charges will be filed. Based upon his own statements to myself and others, we find no evidence to indicate that Mr. Stevens does not believe this to be a hateful crime. We are asking the press as well as the public not to make statements suggesting otherwise. We pray that God will grant Mr. Stevens' team with the skill, talent, and evidence necessary to successfully obtain a conviction, so that Ally, her family, her friends, and the public at large may have the justice they deserve and be able to rest in peace.



Jenna Marie Bourgeois

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